Welcome to Year 6.

This Year our classes are 6H The Timelords and 6S The Mighty Mancunians.  We are looking forward to a great year of fun and learning together. We’re currently in Spring term and will be exploring The Mayans as our history focus and will be travelling 22 degrees north of the equator within our geography lessons.

In Autumn term we looked at World War 2, specifically the Holocaust and delved into some fantastic literature, including Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Goodnight Mr Tom. We then moved onto learning about ‘What makes Great Britain great?’. This is where we’ll explore the amazing aspects of Great Britain in our geography focus.  In Spring 1 our topic is The Mysterious Maya– an exciting thrilling topic which we are sure the children will love.  Following this in Spring 2, we trek across the globe 22 degrees north of the equator exploring different cultures, biomes and cuisines. In Summer 1, we answer the question ‘How do I get there?’ and finally in Summer 2, we plunge into Britain since 1948. What an exciting year we have ahead of us!

Alongside out topic work, we will teach Maths, Guided Reading, Writing, Spelling, Science, PE, Computing, RE, Art/ DT, French, PSHE and Music.



6H Class

6S Class

Meet the Year 6 Staff

Miss Hynes

Mrs Heggs

Mrs Pugh

Mrs Foster

Miss Jago

Year 6 Pupil Views

Year 6 is the best year I have been in because when you’re good you get a treat and we get to learn about World War 2 . In D&T, we get to use fun resources such as saws and clamps. We have now got the opportunity to go on a residential where you can do fun thing like rock climbing, jump in a lake  and really fun things. I can’t wait!

Abbie – 6H

Reasons Yr 6 is the best – Josh 6H

  • Fun school trips (RHS)
  • Brilliant teachers
  • Residential
  • Freedom
  • You get to use new tools in DT
  • Epic topics (WW2 and Mayans)
  • You get to open the doors in the classroom
  • Leavers assembly

Why year 6 is so great! Orrin 6H

  • We have a residential soon. Yay.
  • We have P.E TWICE a week.
  • We had the RHS Bridgewater trip and I was a plant.
  • We have a laugh.
  • We have an amazing teacher.
  • I just love being with my family (school family).