Values & Ethos

Our ethos and values were developed by the teachers, parents and children working together. We want our children to leave us ready for a healthy, happy and successful life and to have a fantastic time while they are here.

We are an inclusive school who believe that each child is important and that every child has the right to be treated fairly and be given the same opportunities.

We feel that speaking and listening, reading, writing and basic maths are the cornerstones for the children’s learning and we make sure that our children do well in these areas.

We also feel that we need to give children the skills to be life long learners and to develop socially and emotionally and we work hard to develop those skills and qualities.

Finally we believe that a primary school should be a calm, welcoming and purposeful place which offers children a chance to experience as much as possible; great art and music, fantastic sport, and all the experiences that visits and visitors can provide. We teach together and our learning promises make sure the children receive a balanced curriculum and a variety of life experiences. In this way we hope to ignite a flame in our children which will enable them to excel in their own individual way.

We strive to give each child the very best educational opportunities and encourage them to work and play hard. We have very high expectations for the children’s achievement and their behaviour.

We have a great school environment with a variety of spaces in which to learn and we are constantly trying to improve it.

We give children responsibility and teach them to use that for the common good.

We encourage parents/carers to be actively involved in their child’s learning and in school life so that we can provide the best support to each child in their learning journey. This is started with a strong programme of support of home and school visits.

When we consulted our parents these are the skills and experiences that our parents wanted to see the children develop.

We used these skills and experiences to develop our curriculum and learning promises which you can see on this site.

By developing the children’s basic literacy and numeracy skills, as well as life skills such as perseverance, co-operation, adaptability, resilience and self discipline and by providing them with an environment where excellence is identified and celebrated, we hope to ensure all our children do the best they possibly can.