The National Curriculum for Science places emphasis on knowledge and on the development of scientific skills across the three areas of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Learning is planned to include all elements of this and practical investigations and discoveries are built in to the weekly lessons. Children are encouraged to explore, discover and question within their lessons.

Our science curriculum is not seen in isolation. Opportunities are provided within a cross-curricular framework in order to maximise learning and to transfer knowledge and skills from one area of the curriculum to another, especially in Key Stage 1. We aim to foster positive attitudes in science by ensuring that work is both enjoyable and relevant. Some of the planning and learning will be purely science based in order to focus on the delivery of specific scientific knowledge.

Science in Reception

Science in Year 2

Science in Year 4

Science in Year 1

Science in Year 3

Science in Year 5

Science in Year 6

Monday 4th July 2022 to Friday 8th July 2022 was Cadishead Primary School’s Science Week. In this week each class explored scientific investigations and pondered scientific theories. We were lucky enough to have support from Irlam and Cadishead Academy who invited us to their school to take part in science workshops. We ventured into new parts of the curriculum and recapped over previous learning to deepen our scientific understanding. Both staff and pupils loved it!

Year 1 looked at Chemical Reactions

Year 5 went to ICA for a science workshop and spent some time in school looking at calculating the mass of a shark and investigating immunity.

Year 4 also went to ICA and had an amazing time investigating sound!

We take every opportunity we can to learn outdoors. Trips are essential in ensuring our children have a breadth of experiences outside of the classroom. Here are some photographs from our Year 6 school trip to the Royal Horticultural Society. We learnt lots about the reproductive parts of a plant and sexual/asexual reproduction.


We also take trips to our local high school to take part in science workshops. This year, Year 6 went to Irlam and Cadishead Academy and dissected hearts as part of our science focus of the circulatory system.