School Meals

So we can make sure every child gets the meal they want and does not have to queue for long, we have teamed up with Citywide to introduce Live Kitchen. This fabulous system means you can order your meals online from home or your child can order in the morning at school. You can order as many or as few meals as you like; one day or a whole term and pay online or by direct debit. We think this system will make it better for you and the children and look forward to it starting in September. If school has an email address you will be sent a link to create an account, if not let us have your address and we will send you the link.  You will need to set up your account before September 10th to start enjoying Live kitchen or check out their website at

There are four options on the menu

  • Meat option
  • Non meat option
  • A filled Jacket potato
  • A sandwich/wrap from a selection of freshly filled items and a salad bar.


We also use plates and bowls so the children can eat in the same way they do at home and learn table manners.

We welcome any feedback about school meals and hope that together we can make lunchtimes better for everyone.

You can download the menu choices below along with details of Live kitchen and  our ‘Making the Right Choice’ PDF: