Unfortunately accidents do happen. Every year children are taken to hospital with injuries caused from riding a bike and a lot of these are head injuries which is why helmets are so important. Recently Tyler Wolstenholme from Macclesfield died when cycling to school after a collision with a car- he was not wearing a helmet. His family and friends have launched a campaign to get children to wear a helmet #helmetonfortyler


There are things that you can do as a parent;

Establish the helmet habit early when children start their cycling journey to school. If they learn to wear helmets whenever they ride, it will become a habit for a lifetime.

There are important points to remember –

  • Make sure the helmet fits the child.
  • Ensure the helmet is put on the correct way round.
  • Treat the helmet with care as if damaged it won’t protect the child as well when you need it.
  • If a child falls off, replace the helmet.

As a school we will expect all children riding to school to wear a helmet, our bike lockers have helmet compartments and we will be telling all the children they need to wear a helmet to be able to ride to school. They also need to make sure they dismount at the school gates and walk their bikes across the playground.


Thank you for your support with this