Physical Education

The government has dedicated funds to aid the development and support of P.E. This is because England as a nation is rapidly becoming obese and less physically active. A lack of physical activity is now seen as detrimental to our health as smoking. At Cadishead, we look to address this through our P.E.

Our P.E. activities occur indoors and outdoors and also look at how to be and remain healthy.

In Lower key Stage 1 we look to develop and enhance the skills in gymnastics, dance and games (including throwing, catching, attacking/defending and ball striking).

In Upper Key Stage 2 we look to further develop and enhance skills taught in Lower Key Stage 1 (gymnastics, dance and games) as well as athletics, swimming, and orienteering.

Co-operation, team spirit and a competitive attitude are encouraged through a variety of activities. As a school, Cadishead participates in a wide variety of sporting and competitive events at both level 1 and level 2.

In addition to competing with other schools, we have a week dedicated to sport every year. In this week, we have our ‘Sports Day’ and various coaches that deliver sporting experiences to the children. In previous ‘Sport Weeks’ we have experienced zorbing, foot-golf, MMA, disc golf and parkour. Each year, our Sports Council meet regularly to discuss sporting issues at school.