Welcome to Nursery, otherwise known as ‘The Clever Chicks’!

Have you heard our class song? (sing to the tune of Farmer’s in His Den)

We are the Clever Chicks, we are the Clever chicks,

We come to school every day, we are the clever chicks.

Learning how to read, learning how to write,

Counting, singing, sharing, playing,

We are the Clever Chicks.


We have had a fantastic first term in Nursery. The children have learnt so much already and are really bonding as a group. They have lots of fun in group time doing phonics and maths, and really enjoy exploring their own interests during Continuous Provision (playing) time.

Excitingly, our outdoor equipment was installed before half term, and the children have had a great time exploring it all. They can climb, balance, slide, and jump. They can investigate moving water with our new cascade.  They can play imaginatively with our new mud kitchen.

Miss McIntyre

Miss Schofield

Miss Miller

Mrs Necula

Nursery Pupil Views

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