Welcome to Nursery, otherwise known as ‘The Clever Chicks’!

Have you heard our class song? (sing to the tune of Farmer’s in His Den)

We are the Clever Chicks, we are the Clever chicks,

We come to school every day, we are the clever chicks.

Learning how to read, learning how to write,

Counting, singing, sharing, playing,

We are the Clever Chicks.


We have some themes for our learning over the coming year- these are flexible and may change depending on the children’s needs, interests and fascinations. We call these our ‘starting points’ and they are…








In Spring 1 we have explored our ‘Water Water Everywhere’ theme. We have followed interests in where different weather comes from, have done some STEM experiments, learnt about penguins, and became pirates.

We had a pirate themed week, where we had a live video reading and chat with the author HollyRyan. She read her book ‘Never Mess With a Pirate Princess’, and answered questions from the children.

We also all dressed up to say goodbye to our Teaching student, Miss McNichol- aaaarrrr!


In phonics we are beginning to explore alliteration, and oral blending and segmenting, and in maths we are learning to subitise, noticing, 1, 2, and 3.

Miss McIntyre Teacher

Miss Schofield TA2

Mrs Standen TA3

Miss Smith

Miss Smith HLTA

Long Term Goals for Nursery

We are ambitious for our children, and have thought carefully about what we would like them to achieve during their time with us. We believe these goals will help them to develop as fully as possible in order to be ready for Reception. Please read all about our Marvellous Mathematicians, Clever Chicks, Great Grippers, Excited Explorers, and more…





To become a ‘Clever Chick’ who


·         happily greets and interacts with others

·         shares thoughts and resources patiently

·         values self and others and is willing to persist and not be daunted by failure

·         can express their feelings and consider the feelings of others

·         can understand and follow our class rules and behaviour policy

·         Can use the toilet independently, look after their personal hygiene, and consume the milk and snack offered in school as part of a healthy lifestyle




To become a ‘Cheery Chatterer’ in everyday play and in focussed sessions, showing the ability to


·         listen attentively when others are speaking

·         Listens with enjoyment to the stories from ‘The Story Basket’, and begins to retell and request favourites

·         engage in a 2-way conversation

·         learn and use new vocabulary

·         speak in sentences of 4-6 words

·         use some past/future tense

·         understand ‘why’ questions

PD Gross Motor / Outdoor


To become a confident ‘Muscle Mover’ and


·         develop body strength when climbing up, across and down various parts of the climbing frame, hill and climbing tree

·         Dig, transport and build with various sized items

·         Run, walk, hop, skip, jump, crawl safely, freely, and with control


PD Fine Motor/Pre-Writing Skills


To become a ‘Great Gripper’ who


·         builds up hand and finger strength through playing with small manipulatives and malleable materials

·         is able to enjoy mark making readily and confidently with a good grip.

·         begins to write some letters from their name

·         sends handwritten notes via our ‘message centre’

·         uses both hands to make marks in ‘Write Dance’ sessions

·         uses scissors confidently and safely




To become a ‘Phase 1 Phonics Hero’ who


·         discerns, remembers, sequences and creates sounds in everyday play

·         has awesome rhyme awareness

·         segments and blends simple words orally

·         recognises words with the same initial sound

·         learns, remembers, and performs the rhymes from ‘The Poetry Basket’




To become a ‘Book Worm’



·         accesses books for pleasure and has favourites

·         turns pages one at a time

·         describes characters and illustrations

·         uses some vocabulary related to books

·         recognises some symbols and letters of personal interest, including their name

·         tells their own stories, using their imagination during ‘Helicopter Stories’ sessions







To become a ‘Marvellous Mathematician’ who


·         is able to use mathematical knowledge and language naturally in everyday play

·         can match, measure and compare all sorts

·         knows our 5 Nursery counting songs

·         has a deep understanding of numbers 1-5 (this includes subitising, representing amounts to 5 accurately, using a 5 frame, ordering numbers, recognising numbers in and out of order, and saying if a number is bigger/greater/ smaller /less than using, objects to represent.)

·         knows some 2D shapes.




To become an ‘Excited Explorer’ who


·        investigates challenges with an inquiring mind

·        shows interest in different occupations

·        learns about different people’s celebrations.

·        notices changes in the natural world such as seasons.

·        learns about plants and animals and some simple life cycles

Art & Design


To become a ‘Cool Creative’ who


·         paints, choosing and mixing colours to represent their thoughts and ideas

·         draws, with increasing attention to detail

·         uses small loose parts to produce open-ended designs and representations

·         completes models and structures which  represent their interests and dreams

Music & Dance


To become a  ‘Perfect Performer’ who


·         sings a range of nursery rhymes and songs by heart

·         can play a few instruments, attempting to play them loudly, softly, fast and slowly whilst developing an ear for rhythm.

·         enjoys moving their body to music, and adding actions to songs