Here at Cadishead Primary School, we recognise that Maths is an important and fundamental part of a child’s education starting from Nursery all the way up to Year 6. It is a core part of the curriculum that impacts the rest of their lives so we aim to deliver only the best quality teaching to our pupils.

Here are our Calculation Policies – taken from White Rose Maths – Our scheme of learning for Year 1-6

WRM Addition and subtraction Calculation Policy

WRM Multiplication and Division Calculation Policy


Overview of Content delivered:

In EYFS, Nursery aim to deliver their Maths lessons discreetly through ‘planning in the moment’, more of which can be understood and read about on our EYFS page. Their curriculum follows the updated EYFS Statutory Framework which is underpinned by the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

In Reception, we follow 2 different schemes which intertwine brilliantly.

Firstly, Mastering Number 4 days a week. Mastering Number focuses on strengthening the understanding of number and fluency of number facts. Secondly, we follow White Rose Maths for 1 day a week which focuses on other areas such as; shape, space and measure.

Overview of Mastering Number:


Overview of White Rose Maths for Shape, Space and Measure:


From Year 1 to Year 6 we follow White Rose Maths as our main scheme of learning. The scheme is used to plan our overview of topics that will be covered throughout the year, using their small steps to success. We also use a variety of resources to help aid the children’s learning, especially through a CPA approach (concrete, pictorial, abstract), to help embed the children’s new skills and knowledge. In Year 3-6, in order to improve our fluency and arithmetic skills we take part in ‘Fluent in 15’ daily. This includes, short, sharp tasks designed to improve prior knowledge and recall key ‘sticky knowledge’.

In Year 1 and 2, we use Mastering Number as a whole class intervention to improve fluency and mastery of basic number – the overview of learning can be found here:

Year 1 – Mastering Number 

Year 2 – Mastering Number

The White Rose Maths website has a useful section for parents that shows tips and guidance, work ideas and useful home schooling links. Link:

Please click on the links provided underneath to see our yearly overview of content for each year group.

Year 1 overview

Year 2 overview

Year 3 overview

Year 4 overview

Year 5 overview

Year 6 overview

Other Key Areas in Maths:

We use Times Tables Rockstars (from Year 2 mainly) to promote new learning and to practise skills in times tables.

Please see our guidance on times tables and the overview of teaching multiplication at Cadishead : Times Tables guidance 2022