History & Geography

Through topic work children develop a sense of history and of the world beyond their own locality. Teaching is closely linked to children’s experiences and a sense of wonder is developed through the use of artefacts, field trips, visitors and multimedia.

Throughout school children are submersed in both British and world history though a colourful and enriching curriculum. We have a wealth of artefacts which have provided the children with fantastic learning experiences, we are always encouraging the children to look at primary and secondary resources, to establish their authenticity. Some of our exciting trip experiences involve visiting museums, interactive exhibitions such as the Stockport Air Raid Shelters and Roman visitors. Children have had the opportunity to take what they have learnt into the local community and have recently performed a World War 2 assembly for local residents, which they were incredibly proud of.

In geography the children are introduced to maps from an early age and build up their knowledge of local areas and compare them with both similar towns in the UK and throughout the world. They have a good knowledge of the position of the continents and the countries within them. In Key Stage 2 children explore human and physical features of the environment and their effect on the community. Children are encouraged to use compasses, maps and go on several field trips and expeditions throughout their time in school.