Exceptional School Closure

The main school building will have to close for a number of days due to building work being carried out during the summer.

As you may know the school heating system is now very old and last winter failed on a number of occasions. The local authority is financing a complete upgrade of the system which will mean school will be warm and safe in the years to come. All the rooms will have their own heating controls and the corridors will be heated. This work is vital if we are to avoid school closing unexpectedly next winter.

Yesterday I met with the contractors and the work they are planning should take three months, they are however planning to complete the work in the 6 week holidays. This means school will be completely closed to the teachers and staff and they will be unable to prepare for the new year in the normal way.

In order to give staff the time to prepare their rooms for the work and get the school ready for the children, making sure rooms are safe, clean and equipped properly, it is proposed that school closes for the summer early on Thursday 19th July at 3pm and returns late on Monday September 10th.  Reception children will be able to return as normal on Wednesday September 5th and Nursery children will have the induction that has already been agreed with parents.

We are very sorry that this is late notice and will cause inconvenience to you but we have only just been given the go ahead for this essential work which will make school, safer and more comfortable for your children. All the staff will be in school working during these days making sure it is ready for the work to take place and then ready for your children in the new year.


Next week:

School will close on Thursday July 19th at 3pm for all years instead of Friday 20th.

In September:

School will reopen for Nursery and Reception as normal on Wednesday September 5th but will not open until Monday September 10th for Years 1 – 6.

Again many apologies for any disruption this will cause but this will bring the school heating system into the 21st century and give your children the environment they need and deserve.