Following the recent consultation about the admission arrangements for primary schools in Salford, the proposal to reduce the admission number at Cadishead Primary School from 60 pupils to 30 pupils has been formally agreed and the changes will be effective from the September 2023 reception intake.

Please find the  link to the School Admissions Consultation web page that you may find useful.

Schools admission consultation 2023-24 • Salford City Council

Any further objections to the proposal must be submitted directly to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator on GOV.UK by 15 May 2022.

Admission Arrangements

Admission to Cadishead Primary School is based on the criteria laid down in Salford’s Admission Policy. Fifty places are available in our nursery classes.

Admission Criteria

In the event of the school being oversubscribed, children fulfilling the following criteria would be given a priority for places:

  • Medical Reasons
  • Children in need as defined by the Children Act 1989
  • Older brother or sister currently enrolled at school
  • Distance from school, priority given to children who live nearest.
  • Parents who are not offered a place can appeal against the decision. In this case Salford Education Department must be contacted.

The full Salford Admissions policy appears below.

Salford Education Authority Admissions Policy

Admissions are organised by the Salford Admissions Team. They will try to meet parental preferences for schools but it is not always possible to do so.

Places in schools are limited by the physical space in the school. Each school has an admission number which is based on it’s size. If the number of pupils requiring places at the school exceeds the admission number then not everybody will be successful in obtaining a place there. This is what is meant when a school is said to be ‘oversubscribed’.

If a school is oversubscribed the places available will be allocated according to the following admission criteria:

  • Medical reasons – If claiming medical reasons, parents/carers must provide evidence from their doctor that their child has a medical condition that means that admission to that specific school is essential.
  • Special educational needs – Children whose statement of special educational needs stipulates that specific school.
  • Children in need – Children in need as defined by the Children Act (1989).Those who are unlikely to achieve or maintain or have the opportunity of achieving or maintaining a reasonable standard of health or development or a child whose health or development would be impaired without the provision of services by the local authority. Applications under this criterion would need to be supported by an appropriate professional stating that attendance at a particular school is essential. This includes children in public care.
  • Older brother or sister in attendance at the school at the date when the pupil is to be admitted. This includes step-children and foster children living with the same family at the same address.
  • Attendance at an associated primary school – Each school has a group of associated primary schools.
  • Distance from school – This would involve the measurement being made between the child’s permanent residence and the preferred school in a straight line. Those children who live closes to the school will get priority for places.

Applying for a place

Cadishead is on the boundary of the Salford Education Authority. When applying for a place you complete the Salford online Application form for entry.

If you are applying to Year 7 and would prefer school outside the authority you must complete the Salford Education Authority forms and the LEA will notify the relevant school.

You can contact the Salford Schools Admission Team on Tel: 0161 778 0415

Cadishead Primary has adopted the Salford Admissions Policy, so please click the link below to read the current details in full.

Local Schools

Here you can find a list the local schools.

Irlam and Cadishead College

MacDonald Road, Irlam, Manchester, M44 5LH.
Tel: 0161 775 5525

All Hallows RC High School

Weaste Lane, Salford, M5 5TH
Tel: 0161 736 4117

Oasis Academy: Media City

Prestwood Road, Salford, M6 8GG
Tel: 0161 736 2637

Walkden High School

Birch Road, Walkden, M28 7FJ
Tel: 0161 975 8000

Wentworth High School

Wentworth Road, Eccles, M30 9BB
Tel: 0161 789 4565

The Swinton High School

Sefton Road, Pendlebury, M27 6JU
Tel: 0161 794 6215

The Albion High School

London Street, Salford, M6 6OT
Tel: 0161 921 1230

Moorside High school

East Lancashire Road, Swinton, M27 0HB
Tel: 0161 794 1045

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

Shaftsbury Road, Swinton, M22 5SZ
Tel: 0161 794 3521

St George’s RC High School

Parsonage Drive, Worsley, M28 3SH
Tel: 0161 794 3521

Buille Hill High School

Eccles Old Raod, Salford,M6 8RD
Tel: 0161 736 1773

Salford City Academy

Northfleet Road, Peel Green, Eccles, Manchester, M30 7PQ
Tel: 0161 789 5359

St Patrick’s RC High School

Guilford Road, Eccles, Manchester, M30 7JF.
Tel: 0161 789 4678

Harrop Fold School

Hilton Lane, Little Hulton, M28 0SY
Tel: 0161 790 5022/3683

Urmston Grammer School

Newton Road, Urmston, Manchester, M41 5UG.
Tel: 0161 748 2875